Legal Bill Review, Auditing and Guideline Compliance

Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba has been hired to perform bill reviews of law firms to determine compliance with existing client billing guidelines. Our firm has represented numerous insurance carriers, corporations and third party administrators in fee disputes and analyses of legal bills. We have conducted audits of legal bills from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Mississippi, Texas, New York, Hawaii, Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia. We have prepared expert reports in fee disputes when necessary.

We analyze and prepare reports evaluating your litigation costs, including hours, fees, expenses and other charges. We examine billing entries to identify compliance with your billing guidelines, incorrect charges due to clerical or administrative costs, errors, and any other improper charges, in accordance with industry standards and case law. Many times, your law firm may not be aware of billing errors. Our firm assists in maintaining a law firm's good relationship with its client.

Our firm also has drafted billing guidelines for use by outside counsel consistent with accepted ethical and legal standards. Audits and bill disputes are really ineffective without reference to accepted billing guidelines provided to the firm. Our firm works with clients to prepare and furnish outside counsel standardized billing guidelines for any type of litigation.