Michael Block and James Tate win a defense verdict in a Philadelphia mesothelioma trial

Michael Block and James Tate were recently part of a trial team who won a defense verdict on behalf of a gasket manufacturer in a mesothelioma trial in Philadelphia.

Plaintiff's decedent was a 59 year old police officer who alleged exposure to asbestos through personal automotive, or "shade tree," work and who worked at a manufacturing plant while in college. He worked in the warehouse at that plant, but traveled the entire facility while moving stock and supplies. In his testimony, he stated he did not know of any asbestos exposure while at the manufacturing facility. However, there were two separate medical records where he advised that he worked around kilns covered with asbestos. His entire testimony focused on 150-200 brake changes, and hundreds of gaskets that he used from 1965 to the late 1980s.

The defense proved that work with automotive gaskets did not create exposures greater than background asbestos exposures and therefore did not create an increased risk of mesothelioma and that his mesothelioma was probably from his work at the manufacturing facility. The jury returned its verdict within 20 minutes.