Premises Liability

The lawyers of Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba handle a wide variety of litigation relating to the possession and maintenance of property. These Premises Liability cases generally involve the duties of the possessors of land (land-owners, shopkeepers, long-term leaseholders whose leases shift responsibility for injuries on the property to the tenant, municipalities and individual homeowners) with regard to injuries to guests, customers or other persons properly and sometimes improperly on their property. In these cases, the focus is on the nature of the property, the status of the injured person, and the specific condition of the property.

The types of cases we have handled run the full gamut from stores and warehouses to homes, schools, factories and all manner of businesses. The problematic area of the properties might include: sidewalks, building structures, parking areas, alleyways, entryways and exit ways, doors, stairs, floor levelness and/or continuity or state of repair, lights and lighting conditions, elevators, sprinkler and safety appurtenances, restaurant areas, shopping floors, gymnasiums and gym equipment, swimming and recreational areas, snow and ice, walkways and trees and shrubs. Premises Liability cases can sometimes involve the activities on the property such as: gatherings, parties and social functions; dog and animal bites; displayed, damaged or falling merchandise and merchandizing fixtures. Injuries in these cases can range from the most minimal to the most severe.

Another major area of our practice involves construction litigation. These cases frequently involve allegation of improper materials or improper construction using those materials. We represent several major corporate clients in this area. Each case is evaluated and a coherent strategy and game plan is created to best serve our client. Over the years, we have represented both individuals and companies in these matters, both self-insured and through their insurance carriers. As this list tends to demonstrate, the issues of Premises Liability creep up in our other practice areas including: toxic torts, commercial litigation matters and workers' compensation. In this area of litigation, we regularly represent plaintiffs and defendants.