Workers' Compensation

At Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba, the defense of employers in workers' compensation matters is an integral part of our practice. Our lawyers appear before the Worker's Compensation Judges in Center City Philadelphia as well as the satellite Compensation Offices in Northeast Philadelphia; in Upper Darby, Delaware County; in Malvern, serving both Chester and Montgomery Counties, in Bristol, Bucks County and in Pittsburgh, serving Western Pennsylvania, Allegheny and Washington Counties. Our lawyers are familiar with the special requirements and methods of litigating compensation matters before the various Compensation Judges. We have found this arrangement permits the attorney to become familiar with the judge and vice-versa. We also have experience with workers' compensation matters in New Jersey.

Our lawyers regularly argue in the highly specialized Compensation forums of the Worker's Compensation Appeal Board and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. We have been successful in obtaining important clarifications in the interpretation of the Worker's Compensation Act, particularly with regard to medical examinations and other discovery issues.

Proper preparation is essential to a successful resolution of a workers' compensation claim, regardless of whether that resolution comes by way of a Compromise and Release, a Compensation Judge's Decision, or an Appeal to the Commonwealth - or even Supreme Court. At Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba, we have experience handling and litigating all types of workers' compensation claims. We can assist the client from the time the workplace injury occurs to the conclusion of the matter. Our knowledge of the Workers' Compensation Act enables us to effectively prepare the case and defend employers.

We represent corporate and municipal employers, insurance carriers and individual, uninsured employers. Our Workers' Compensation lawyers work closely with their insurance carriers to resolve all legal issues, from those involving medical and temporary benefits to those involving permanent disability. Our goal is to assist employers in navigating all aspects of the Workers' Compensation Act. With the recent concerns on insurance fraud, we have taken a proactive role on our clients' behalf to investigate incidences of compensation insurance fraud and other situations where the insurer's subrogation interests were impaired, and we have been instrumental in having these matters resolved in our clients' best interests.